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About Chain Lightning - Our History

Chain Lightning was founded in 1994 by Gregory Lee(guitar player) and Chuck Worden(former singer). The two of them met at a club on the East Side of St. Paul, MN while Greg was playing with another band and Chuck was bouncing at the bar. They both had a common liking of the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Marshall Tucker, and many other southern rockers. And so the journey began. They formed a group of players and it didn't take long for the word to get out that this band could really lay it down.

The members of Chain Lightning soon befriended many of the bikers that were hangin' out on the East Side. These friends spread the word and the group began to play many of the biker events that are still around today such as the Wishes N More Fundraiser (formerly Bikers for Make-A-Wish) and the St. Croix Valley Riders Chili Feed. The "No Excuses" cassette tape by Chain Lightning was recorded in 1996.

Players came and went throughout the years but Greg and Chuck always remained a tight duo. They began writing their own music and went on to record their first CD in 1999. The songs were the stories of the times they shared and the tough life of playing music on the road as they started to travel more with the band. They had fun working with a lot of national acts such as Marshall Tucker, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kentucky Headhunters, Head East, Corey Stevens, Blondie, Molly Hatchet, April Wine, and ZZ Top. Their music is well-liked in the European countries such as France, Spain, Germany, and Poland. Several CD's have been shipped there.

Chuck's untimely death in July of 2004 put a halt to the band's future. Greg wasn't sure how he could go on after 10 years of standing next to the singer that belted out every song they wrote with a southern style all their own. Chain Lightning finished a couple of emotional gigs in the next couple of months and then the future of Chain Lightning was unknown to all, including Greg.

Greg spent the winter talking with the other members of the band and players around the state. All encouraged him to move on and continue playing. He had played all his life. Why quit now? He took their advice and support and is back out playing both the old tunes and new tunes of Chain Lightning.

Now Chain Lightning includes 2 of Greg's sons, Gabe and  Monty, as well as other new members who just want to play and have a good time while entertaining.
History of Chainlightning Band
History of Chainlightning Band